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Cognitive skills for the future of work.

The future is about innovation, strategic differentiation and innovation. Beyond problem-solving.

The correlation between creativity and financial performance is strong.

Successful companies transform creativity into value & growth.

With both humans and Artificial Intelligence.


01/ Listen Up: Growth is rooted in asking the right questions and truly listening and challenging conventional thinking.

02/ Intelligence Fusion: The future is a blend of a collective human-artificial intelligence and emotions.

03/ Embrace the Unknown: Navigate uncertainty with confidence and enough knowledge.

04/ Synergy Magic: Find the sweet spot in collaboration, co-creation, and accountability.

05/ Depth and Breadth: Dive deep but always keep an eye on the big picture.

06/ Collaborate, Don’t Isolate: Working together with humans and/or AI outshines working solo or just for others.

07/ Straight Talk: Honesty trumps sugar-coated words. Be real, be clear.

08/ Common Ground: Success blooms from shared goals and united efforts.

09/ Tech for Humans: Use technology to empower people, not to overpower them.

10/ Action Speaks: True learning comes from doing and proactivity, not just talking or thinking.



We are very satisfied with all the productive sessions conducted, especially working with startups in E-commerce & Experience groups, which reached the highest NPS score from startups!

Eugenia ShevchenkoSeedstars World Squad Lead – Lausanne

Maria is a very trustworthy professional, she is very passionate and committed.

We have collaborated on different projects and very happy about the results.

Giusy CannoneFashion Technology Accelerator CEO – Milan

One of a kind facilitation from Maria! Trust GGUTT in delivering value by changing your perspective in designing solutions with your client from the different problems.

Roy Ahawo, Innovation Officer – Kenya Red Cross – Nairobi