Helping brands accelerate long-term growth by combining purpose and profit backed by experiences and strategy.

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Purpose Led Business Transformation

More and more companies are focusing on impact strategies & responsible finance. Our role is to help you navigate the transition to a more transparent, reliable, meaningful and enduring future.

Find your purpose

The why that drives you forward

Define your roadmap

What you will do to achieve your goal

Grow and impact

Make profit and do good in the world

Business as usual is over

We live in a competitive world where what you do can easily be replicated and communicated. Moreover, today’s consumers relate to brands and make decisions based on: values, meaning and purpose. But most importantly, they hold them accountable.

What used to work is no longer applicable. Businesses are trapped between a disrupted economy and rising innovations. And time is running out. Change must happen at different organisational levels, inside-out. 

We are a design and innovation hub

We help businesses transition, grow, or launch products. Turn ggutt feelings and vision into action. Because organisations have no choice. But to transcend boundaries to fight climate change and social disruption. And become part of the solution. 


We work with you to dig deep into your vision, product/service offering, strategy and purpose. To align, test and validate ideas that match with your goals and KPI’s. 

Our programme combines short pressure cooker shots and longer co-creation sessions. It is fundamentally based on Service and Experience Design and Systems Practice, Design Thinking tools and methodologies, Brand Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation. With a focus on Total Societal Impact measures, which goes above and beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Signature Programme

What matters in a design and innovation process is asking the right questions, testing ideas, experimental iteration and solution exploration.

No more wasting time and money. But focusing on long-term revenues through shared values and efficient processes.

Connecting the elements of the triple-bottom line people-planet-processes. Adequate technology. Lean data. Optimised digital transformations. For greater impact.


We help you get clarity

Understand and re-discover your brand in terms of people, places, planet and processes.

We upgrade your company culture

Create an environment that supports continuous exploration and evaluation.

We boost collaboration

Engage different mindsets to collaborate and become brand  advocates.

We infuse research and curiosity

Demonstrate what works today and give practical and applicable cross-industry takeaways.

We inject curiosity and process

Support in regaining confidence to continuously think differently and innovate.

We encourage risk-taking

Comfort zone is no the norm,  but rather exploration, process, and rationalisation.

Impact-Readiness Free Email Course

A 5-day course to get started with shifting your mindset towards purpose-driven business.



We blend physical and virtual, immersive facilitation and detached work where we work together, absorb, digest, meetup again and deliver.


We are very satisfied with all the productive sessions conducted, especially working with startups in a Domain group: E-commerce & Experience, which reached the highest NPS score from startups!

Eugenia ShevchenkoSeedstars World Squad Lead – Lausanne

Maria is a very trustworthy professional, she is very passionate and committed.

We have collaborated on different projects and very happy about the results.

Giusy CannoneFashion Technology Accelerator CEO – Milan

One of a kind facilitation from Maria! Trust GGUTT in delivering value by changing your perspective in designing solutions with your client from the different problems.

Roy Ahawo, Innovation Officer – Kenya Red Cross – Nairobi



Speaking. Mentoring. Judging. Lecturing.

Mastering Working Sessions with Post-Its

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