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Designing connections between people to allow them to innovate.

Strategic Advisory, Media and Consulting for Corporations and Startups.

Information is a Global Currency

More and more companies are focusing on collecting data while users and customers are becoming more aware of its potential. Our role is to help you make sense of data in a meaningful and transparent way, through a design lens to make impact at scale.

We are a design and innovatino hub

Everything as usual is over

Data on its own isn’t very useful; a key line of objective or enquiry to get anything valuable from it is fundamental. 

Consumers are more educated, aligning themselves with brands they can relate to. Values, transparency and accountability backed by experiences matter. There is room for experimentation, especially with technology like the blockchain

Signature Program

In a noisy environment, the question is, how to bring everything together, aligning teams and creating a strategy in times of constant movement and uncertainty. 

The flowdins framework is a program to evaluate, refine and action critical business questions with impact and experience at its core.

Impact-Readiness Free Email Course

A 5-day course to get started with shifting your mindset towards purpose-driven business.

One email per day.



We blend physical and virtual, immersive facilitation and detached work where we work together, absorb, digest, meetup again and deliver.


We are very satisfied with all the productive sessions conducted, especially working with startups in a Domain group: E-commerce & Experience, which reached the highest NPS score from startups!

Eugenia ShevchenkoSeedstars World Squad Lead – Lausanne

Maria is a very trustworthy professional, she is very passionate and committed.

We have collaborated on different projects and very happy about the results.

Giusy CannoneFashion Technology Accelerator CEO – Milan

One of a kind facilitation from Maria! Trust GGUTT in delivering value by changing your perspective in designing solutions with your client from the different problems.

Roy Ahawo, Innovation Officer – Kenya Red Cross – Nairobi



Speaking. Mentoring. Judging. Lecturing.