Impact Strategy Group Coaching

If you are done with fancy statements, endless processes and have a dilemma between keeping your corporate job or moving on, we help you take action to feel good and do good.

The sessions aim to help you take action within your corporate career with a focus on tech for good, shared values between your business, people, planet and profit with customer experience at the center.

About the Group Programmes

The below programmes support you in your corporate transformation journey to upgrade culture and mindset at an organisational level, take action for positive impact, launch or tweak a product/service offering, create a spinoff and enhance end-to-end customer experiences.

You will level up your career and contribute to the collective intelligence of like-minded individuals.

Are you ready to make the leap?

If you believe this is a right fit for you, apply by sending a 60 seconds video clip and filling in the short form on either of the memberships.


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