Propel your career growth by pondering collaborative workflows in consulting and intrapreneurship 

If you are questioning your current processes and workflows

If you are stressed out by client and team requirements

If you want to do more and broaden your horizons

A handpicked community for consultants and designers whose primary focus is to grow and solve challenges together, boost their knowledge, and navigate ever-demanding work environments with confidence, in-house or with customers.

*Not for students. Not for freelancers. Not for small business owners.

If you work in a large organization and

▫️ You don’t feel engaged and are eager to learn and grow.

▫️ You stay in your comfort zone not taking any risks.

▫️You find it hard to juggle between different teams.

▫️ You are working in a fast-paced environment.

▫️ You are eager to explore and experiment in a safe place.

▫️ You want to advance collaborative processes through conversations.

This is a 4 week-long process designed to fuel your career. Only ONE individual from the same team is accepted at a time.

Why joining should be your next big move

▫️Discuss project workflows and best practices

▫️Deep dive into specific topics and challenges

▫️Boost your entrepreneurial mindset 

▫️Focus on personal branding and positioning 

▫️Start doing stop telling 

▫️Group support and accountability


How to apply

▫️Fill in the short questionnaire

▫️Submit a 60 sec’ video of yourself including what you do, your challenges, goals and how you would measure success.

This is a special offering I created as I spotted a gap. I have worked in consulting, with Fortune 500 companies and their teams, with tech entrepreneurs and university students, across 5 continents.

I had numerous requests about continued conversations, community, and contributing. This is an exclusive offering for professionals like you in large organizations. Like you because you landed here 🙂 

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