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Welcome, you have been invited to check the course “Creativity for Business Innovation”.

Businesses face increasingly turbulent times, and rapid evolution that requires adaptability and unconventional thinking and doing. The future is about innovation, not just solving problems.

In this transformative period, the correlation between creativity and financial performance is strong. Successful companies transform creativity into value and growth.

This is a high-paced hands-on online course, aiming at creating a memorable experience for organizations who want to differentiate themselves.


Learning Outcomes

  • Improve collaborative dynamics with peers or AI.
  • Examine challenges and opportunities three-dimensionally.
  • Tame the uncertain mindset and switch to a creative one.
  • Walk away a better leader and better decision-maker.

Who is it for?

This course is for managers and leaders who are creating/improving new products, services and ventures, juggling between multiple tasks, teams and deadlines. Suitable for experienced team players working at a company of any size, and looking for ways to learn new skills and a new approach by putting them into practice. Not for people who want to sit back and relax.


It is a high-paced hands-on interactive online course, gaining insights on aligning creativity with business challenges.

  • Day 1: 90’ Kickoff and introduction to creativity in business and AGI.
  • Day 2: 30’ Drop-in Q&A.
  • Day 3: 90’ Developing a creative mindset.
  • Day 4: 30’ Drop-in Q&A.
  • Day 5: 90’ Working with peers and AI + wrap-up.


Is the course recorded?

This course requires a maximum of 5.30 hours, over 1 week, live. The course is entirely virtual, taking place on The recordings will only be made available to the participants for 3 months.

What is GGUTT leaning about?

GGUTT learning is a new direction we are taking based on years of experience to take learning and consulting as we know it to equip participants with tools and a fresh way of doing better work. We are currently in stealth mode, with one course to start with. We have big plans to build the School of the Future based on the ever-growing needed skills of our times.

How did the idea come a about?

We were focused consulting through project facilitation and trainings. However, the idea came about after recording many podcast episodes with experts and leaders in their field. Rather than only spreading knowledge and stories, we thought of bringing it all together to learn from the best, creating the best curriculums as we grow. We are currently in stealth mode and this page is only visible to those who have access to the link via invites.

How different are you from other learning platforms?

How and where we were brought up and live affects how we function and think as human beings. Company culture is what we want it to be and how we shape it. Our approach to doing better work and learning is closer to the EMEA mindset rather than it being US centric. Because the culture is different. We take what works best there and merge it with the EMEA culture in order to create magic in learning and growth capabilites. How do we do it? By focusing on creativity, co-creation and critical thinking, facillitator-led, requiring engagement and accountability.

Are there any requirements to participate in the course?

Be an experienced professional, ideally with a role in management or many years of experience. In order to make the most of it, we encourage engagement and attendance. We kept it short and concise, ensuring high quality standard so it is easily accessible to all. Content will be in English and Italian for now. Cohorts are capped to a limited number of participants to ensure the highest quality and interaction.

Can I get reimbursed?

The fee stated is for the private-preview only. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Will the course be full?

The private-preview cohort works on a first-come first served basis. Seats are limited. Enroll as soon as you decide to join. The enrollement is still manual via direct communication and invoicing will be done via email.

What if my company wants a dedicated course?

We have created and designed custom trainings for organizations. Here’s a selection of projects. We are open to explore custom opportunities for in-house teams, just drop us a line at hello [at] ggutt [dot] com.

What’s included?
  • Live interactive classes
  • Small group – capped
  • Actionable knowledge
  • We say it as it is


We are committed to developing deeper relationships as we pre-launch. Therefore, the enrollment process manual. 

Leadership positions

1 week: 5 hrs 30 min

3 sessions + 2 drop-in Q&A's

APR 15-19, 10:00-12:30 CET 🇬🇧 MAY 6-10, 09:30-11:00 CET 🇮🇹

Experienced, managerial position
Good internet connection (audio + video)
ChatGPT account

Enroll now


Organizations that enroll now will benefit from first-acess and 40% discounts in year one as soon as the platform launches.



  • New approach and tools
  • Accountability
  • Cohort-based
  • Hands-on
  • No fluff
We are committed to developing deeper relationships as we pre-launch. Therefore, the enrollment process manual. 

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