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100 Days to Do Good Not Just Feel Good

This hands-on programme is 60% programme 40% msatermind. It includes the systems and strategies we use to build and grow meaningful and sustainable organisations: a combination of mentorship and co-creation sessions with weekly tasks to reach your goal in addition to experience and knwloedge sharing. 

👉 One Time Offer $300 for 14 weeks💫

Paid in full – one off or US $100 every 4 weeks.

New Product / Idea

Build real sustainable products as humane businesses.

Tweak Existing Offering

Uplift the organisational culture turning offerings into drivers for growth.

If you’re serious about transforming your organisation (in any industry), you know that making an impact and keeping the focus is paramount.


We meet once a week over 14 weeks as a group to work on your long-term business goals. You share your weekly progress, receive feedback and insights. We also have a 1-1 call over the 14 week period.



Understand and define the scope and the purpose-driven lanscape beyond buzzwords.



Highlight your vision, purpose, challenges, opportunities and priorities.



Definition of the business model, experience, KPI’s and product-market fit…



Test and iterate, get feedback and pivot one more time if need be.



Summarise and deliver + monitoring

Who is it For

Innovation Managers

Marketers and Designers

Management/Business Consultants

Corporate Social Responsibility Consultants

Scaleups and Startups

Corporations and Multinationals

Venture Capital Firms

HR and Human Capital departments

Maria Matloub is the Founder of GGUTT and Founding Member at OTHERDOTS Foundation. Prior to that, she worked as a consultant at Deloitte Digital, as a freelancer and startupper, and lectures in several business and design universities in Milan.

Over the years she gained diverse experiences across multiple industries such as Automotive, Sportstech, Fashion & Luxury, Fintech and Travel, working for brands such as Fiat Chrysler Group, Prada, Bulgari, MSC Cruises, RedBull, Gatorade and Deloitte focusing on customer experience, research and strategy.

She’s fluent in English, French, Arabic and Italian and has worked with global accelerators and incubators, such as Seedstars, the Fashion Technology Accelerator and StartupBootcamp and runs the Founder Institute in Milan. Her academic background is in Service Design, Product Design and Interior Spaces.





Frequently Asked Questions

Where will we meet?

We will meet on Zoom as a group once a week for co-creation sessions and mentoring sessions for about 90 minutes each time, in addition to a single one-to-one 30 minutes call with each participant over the 14 weeks.

What kind of work will be given?

You will be suggested tasks to complete and you will be held accountable by the group based on your challenge.

Is the work individual?
Yes, but it is also recommended to work with your peers to support each other along the way, even if you have different challenges and goals. It’s always an asset to pick someone else’s brain and have another perspective.
Will guests be invited?

Absolutely, guests and experts will be invited to share their perspective and experience on specific topics.

What if it's not for me?
This is exactly why we ask for a video and a video call,  to make sure you are a right fit for this programme. However, if after the 2nd session you determine it’s not for you, you will get a full refund, no questions asked.
What happens after the 14 weeks?

You maybe decide to stay as part of the mastermind group or move on. The Linkedin group and facebook group will always be there anyway. In any case, we will have a one-on-one catchup call after 3 months to check-in and evaluate the status of your progress.

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