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Are you an early-stage startup?

Early stage startups can be charged astronomical amounts for an MVP, and often it is not what they need.

This is where we come in

We act as your interim product team to help you launch.

Here is what can go wrong:

🔸Asking the wrong questions which leads to solutions that are not right
🔸Going straight to software developers to build and MVP that they will redo soon
🔸Assuming that design comes after to decide on colors

👉There is a fix to this! Ask yourself:

At what point do startups need a full fledge digital product?

Is there another way of getting validation and traction?

There is a thin line between design and to design: how it works, feels then looks matters.


Accelerate progress toward product-market fit.


Consolidate and build a foundation beyond the MVP.

Ignoring design can be costly.

Ignorance around design is even more costly.


The challenge is not to build.

It is in WHAT to build and what to build NOW.

How we work

We charge of the application fee £500. It is a reliable process that allows us to filter key applications and work with the best.

The entire process last 1 to 2 weeks depending on the complexity of the project where we alternate between work with you and for you so you can focus on what matters the most.



We ask you to fill in an application with a series of questions. This process is key.



We review your application and ask you for a call to make sure we can work together and set the expectations.


Strategy Call

If we both decide to move forward, we make our relationship official and set the workshop days. We automatically deduct the application fee.



We conduct the sessions and workshops depending on the package you selected.



After laying the foundation, we design internally the MVP or MVB_minimum viable product or brand.


Test & Iterate

We test with your ideal users/customers and make the required modifications.



We take you through what we have built and hand over to you all the documentation you need to take over.

What you get

Refine their business with users and customers at heart

Use this with their in-house designer(s)

Use this with future collaborators
Set the tone for the direction

Maria is an experienced product and experience designer, facilitator, trainer and venture builder, founder of GGUTT.

She works with startups and large organisations across multiple sectors to launch or grow their business. She launched and co-directed the Founder Institute in Milan and Italy. She was an external facilitator for Adobe’s B2B Fortune 500 companies via GGUTT and co-led speaking engagements and a major project.

Prior to founding GGUTT, she worked as a freelancer, startupper and taught, then joined Deloitte Digital where she was involved in major projects supporting in the digital transformation of brands such as Prada, Bvlgari, MSC Cruises, Fiat Chrysler Group etc…

She’s a mentor in numerous accelerators globally, working with dozens of founders, speaker, podcaster and lectures in renowned business and design universities.

She has a broad network of renowned collaborators which she taps into when needed and is fluent in 4 languages. Based between Italy and the UK.





Frequently Asked Questions

Where will we meet?

Online, on zoom or butter.

What are sessions and workshops?

Sessions are primarily calls used for research or strategy, workshops are where we involve you heavily in the process to understand what is on your mind and translate this into something tangible in line with your goals.

Why these packages?
There is a need, and this is our way to help founders get started. We only work with founders who raised money from friends and family, grants or angels, that have an entity incorporated.
What if it's not for us?
This is the reason why we have an thorough application process. Even though we believe in co-creation and in-person collaboration, we believe that if what you are trying to achieve is not easily articulated in a few words, then it is not clear in your head. The application will help filter and save both yourselves and us time and who knows, help you with some realizations!
What if we are not happy with the results?

The application, strategy call and workshops help set the expectations, followed by an agreement. The packages we provide are to help startups get started and are confident they are tremendously beneficial and eye opening. Our goal is to make our time together the best you’ve had in a long time. We want to help you transition to building your own stuff yourself. What we cannot anticipate is you pivoting or deciding to make drastic changes. This is why going through our process before proceeding with the actual design.